Most Useful Java Libraries

Here are most useful Java libraries (third-party libraries) for Java programmer

  1. guava

    Contains several of Google's core libraries that we rely on in our Java-based projects: collections, caching, primitives support, concurrency libraries, common annotations, string processing, I/O, and so forth

  2. guice

    Lightweight dependency injection/inversion of Control (IoC) framework, from Google

  3. joda-time

    Date and time library to replace JDK date handling

  4. commons-lang

    Apache's library that provides a host of helper utilities for the java.lang API, such as String manipulation, object creation

  5. commons-collections

    A library that provides enhancements on core java collections. It provides additional collections and utility methods to manipulate collection objects easily and efficiently

  6. commons-dbcp

    Database Connection Pooling Library This is a powerful library that provides feature of connection pooling to relational databases

  7. commons-io

    Input Output Utilities Apache IO is a powerful library to do file and stream operations efficiently and quickly in java

  8. gson

    JSON parsing library by Google

  9. jackson-databind

    General data-binding functionality for Jackson: works on core streaming API JSON parser. Aims to be fast, correct, lightweight, and ergonomic for developers


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