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Cygwin Connect to MySQL

Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysql.sock'

How to Add a Root User on Linux

When you first start using a fresh Linux server, adding and removing users is one of the most basic tasks that you should know how to do. When you create a new server, you are only given the root account by default. While this gives you a lot of power and flexibility, it is also dangerous to regularly use an account with so much power; for example, a root user is more vulnerable to security exploits, since any commands run under that account can affect the server's entire filesystem.

Turn Off Linux Screensaver

It is easy to turn off linux screensaver under X window. But when it comes to text based login or terminal you will not find easy way to disable text based power saving mode (i.e. when your screen goes blank after a few minutes)

Tomcat Gzip Compression

Enable tomcat gzip compression in you application server can improve performance by reducing network load for some resources.

Cygwin Open Bash Prompt Here

Cygwin is a large collection of GNU and Open Source tools which provide functionality similar to a Linux distribution on Windows.

MinGW Open MSYS here

MSYS is a collection of GNU utilities such as bash, make, gawk and grep to allow building of applications and programs which depend on traditionally UNIX tools to be present. It is intended to supplement MinGW and the deficiencies of the cmd shell.