Install apt-cyg for Cygwin

For a more convenient installer, you may want to use apt-cyg as your package manager.

  1. apt-cyg

    Its syntax similar to apt-get, which is a plus. For this, follow the above steps and then use Cygwin Bash for the following steps

    chmod +x apt-cyg
    mv apt-cyg /usr/local/bin

    Now that apt-cyg is installed. Here are few examples of installing some packages

    apt-cyg install nano
    apt-cyg install git
    apt-cyg install ca-certificates
  2. Alternatives

    Cygwin's setup accepts command-line arguments to install packages from the command-line.

    setup-x86.exe -q -P packagename1,packagename2
    setup-x86_64.exe -q -P packagename1,packagename2
    Above command to install packages without any GUI interaction ('unattended setup mode').

    See the package list.


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