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10 Awesome SSH Hacks

Secure Shell (SSH) is widely used by network administrators to control Web and other kinds of servers remotely. The UNIX-based command interface and protocol can also be used to tunnel your traffic, transfer files, mount remote file systems, and much more. We have compiled here a list of 10 awesome SSH Hacks.

Generate Google API Refresh and Access Tokens in PHP

You are able to access private user information through Google API by means of an access token which expires after 3600s. So what happens when you want to retrieve information offline like what most web applications do? Here comes the refresh token. This guy does not expire and you are able to generate a new access token using REST.

Doubleclick for Publishers - Java Google APIs

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business is a free ad management solution that helps growing publishers sell, schedule, deliver, and measure all of their digital ad inventory.

Helpful Eclipse Shortcuts

Every new IDE requires some time to learn and become accustomed to. After using Eclipse for many years, we have found the following shortcuts speed up software development significantly.