10 Ways To Become A Good Programmer

A good programmer is not a word that can find its definition in the dictionary. Good programming skills are essential to success and in discovering the joys of programming. As seen with many successful programmers over the past, here are some points that can be followed by those who are in pursuit of a successful career in programming

  1. Developing Basics - A good understanding of the concepts is critical for attaining success. Without a strong base, one can never become a good programmer. It is the core concept that assist in designing and implementing the best solutions in the best possible manner. In case you feel, there is a gap you can always go back and review the basics.
  2. Begin putting question tags (how, what) with each set of code written by you - You must have an enthusiasm for knowing what and how things are happening. Although at times there may be time restrictions that may not permit you to test your code and assume that it will work. It is never a bad idea to try out or research as much as you can to ensure that your code is performing well.
  3. Learning more by helping others - You must participate in forums for advice not only when you are in a crisis but also in normal circumstances. You can learn more by doing this habitually than simply for getting your problems solved. You must also help others in your team in solving their problems. This will only make you a better programmer.
  4. Writing simple, comprehendible but logical code - You must write logical and simple codes to avoid complexity. As per experience, simple but logical codes always perform better and lead to lesser issues and are more extendable.

  5. Invest more time in analyzing the problem for fixing it - You must invest more time in understanding and analyzing the problem and creating solutions for it. Designing can be as simple as looking at the sky, it does not have to imply using modeling languages and tools.
  6. Before others you must analyze and review your code - This may be slightly difficult but you can try to break your code before anyone else does. Over time, you will master the art of writing bug-free code. You must do a close and unbiased review of your code and take others view on your code.
  7. Stop feeling dismayed by looking at changing technology world - Change is inevitable. Working with new tools APIs, frameworks and others means coming up every day makes the programming easier and quicker. This will go on in the technology world. The point worth noting here is that the core and basic technologies changes happen at a much lesser pace compared to frameworks, tools and APIs surrounding it.
  8. Work-arounds don't work for longer time - On several occasions, software programmers come up with work around solutions. With passage of time, these work around solutions at all times result in the code getting corrupted, leaving it to become less extendible and maintainable and a huge amount of time wastage at a later time.
  9. Reading Documentation - A good habit of a good programmer is reading documentation that may range from, JSR, API documents, tutorials etc. This helps in making that important foundation based on which you can program in the best possible manner.
  10. Learning from others code as well - You must read other codes and refer to it from time to time in your daily work. This not only satisfies your knowledge of the basics but also helps in gaining knowledge of the best ways to write good programs.


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