10 Extensions To Make Google Chrome A Penetration Testing Tool

While the open source browser has many options, Google's Chrome browser isn't too far. Take a look at these 10 add-ons that can make the Chrome browser into a pen testing giant!

  1. Web Developer: As the name suggests, this extension adds a toolbar to your Chrome browser, which gives it various web development tools. It helps in analysing web application elements lie JS and HTML.
  2. Firebug Lite for Google Chrome: Analyse HTML elements, DOM elements and Box Model shading along with live CSS editing capabilities with this extension. Add it to Google Chrome to start.
  3. d3coder: This is a penetration testing tool for Google Chrome, which allows the users to encode and decode selected text using a context menu. So, you don't have to use separate tools in order to encode and decode strings, which saves you a lot of time.
  4. Site Spider: This is a web crawler, which crawls through all web pages and reports back with all the broken links on them. You can add restrictions to the crawler as well and it works on the client side.
  5. Form Fuzzer: This Chrome extension is used in order to populate predefined characters into different form fields on a website. You can also use this add-on in order to select radio buttons, checkboxes and items in the forms. There is a configuration menu that allows you to manage all these features.
  6. Session Manager: If it's a powerful Chrome extension, Session Manager will fit the bill. This extension allows the user to update, save, restore and remove sets of tabs. In addition, you can also group similar tabs together and then open them with a single click.
  7. Request Maker: This penetration testing tool is used in order to create and capture requests, make new headers using post data or tamper with an URL. It can also modify HTTP requests and help in attacking web applications.
  8. Proxy SwitchySharp: This Chrome extension can be used in order to switch between multiple proxies quickly. In addition, you can turn on the auto proxy switching option based on the URL. In addition, it allows the user to easily export and import data, hide IP addresses and perform penetration testing tasks.
  9. Edit This Cookie: The name is quite self explanatory for this one. This Chrome extension allows the user to hijack vulnerable test sessions. You can use it to edit, delete, add and search for cookies. In addition, you can also block, protect and export the cookies in json. While the extension is ad supported, you can switch them off from the settings. All the revenue from the ads go to UNICEF though.
  10. 10. Cache Killer: This Google Chrome extension will automatically clean the browser's cache before loading web pages. Use this one for when you need to bypass the browser cache and see the exact website to ascertain whether it is changing or not.


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